Fleet Management

Xtreem Motors provide responsive and efficient enterprise fleet management for small and medium-sized businesses in London and the surrounding areas. Our focus is on maximizing safety and minimizing vehicle lifecycle costs while ensuring uncompromised environmental sustainability.

We firmly believe your fleet is more than a collection of vehicles your business acquires over the years. It’s your reputation, a crucial link to your daily operations, and most of all a work asset that if proactively and professionally managed can drive savings, safety, profit, and customer satisfaction. Xtreem Motors Team has both the technical insights and the in-depth industry knowledge to advise you on and strategically plan the development of your fleet. From selecting and helping you replace vehicles at the right time, through routine maintenance, safety check-ups, urgent repairs, and on-time MOT we are here to help you make confident decisions and rely on your fleet as a modern asset for your business growth.

At Xtreem Motors we understand the significant value a professionally managed fleet can bring to your business and always strive to deliver four easily measurable core benefits to all our fleet management clients:

  • Convenience

  • Time-saving
Warranty Guaranteed Work
  • Simplicity and Effortlessness

Our fleet management service is completely tailored and always made to best fit your business needs. Xtreem Motors SME clients also benefit from over 20 years of experience we have with clients from various fields. Our Management Team is always ready to share the knowledge we have accumulated over the past decades and is keen on learning and working with clients from industries unexplored.

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