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Xtreem Motors aims to always offer fair and affordable services to our clients. We don't believe in profiteering. Our reputation and professionalism have been tested and established on the honesty and care we pride ourselves on.

Driving a safe and roadworthy vehicle is our number one priority when dealing with each and every single one of our customers. This is part of Xtreem Motors' ethos and our customers love it. We have built upon it and now offer a comprehensive and absolutely free-of-charge vehicle health check service.

It's a thorough multitask process carried out via a strict protocol of numerous checks our mechanics complete on every vehicle, whether it is a car or a van. If your vehicle is not due for a service, but you would like a professional once-over or you are planning to sell it and want an experienced mechanic to check it before the deal or you are suspect a fault, but unsure about it why not take advantage of our free health check?

Booking it is quick and easy. At Xtreem Motors garage we benefit from a large number of fully equipped stations and mechanics which helps get your vehicle in our capable hands without delay.

Avoiding breakdowns, and saving you money and time are just some of the positives of a timely vehicle health check. Prevention is the key to keeping your vehicle roadworthy and your maintenance expenses low.

Just click on the button below and book your free health check now!

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